The State Institute of rural development (SIRD) Nagaland was established in the year 1990. Since its inception to date, the SIRD has grown immensely in its infrastructure and its activities.

Keeping in mind that India is a diverse country with each state having its own peculiar characteristics, training too must be dynamic and embrace these differences yet achieve the desired goal. The SIRD being the Apex Training Institute for rural functionaries in the state endeavours to act as a bridge between the majority rural population with its state functionaries, by formulating and conducting need based training programmes for the rural poor as well as creating awareness of the government’s flag-ship programmes.

The SIRD, Nagaland believes that results are best achieved when training is taken to the rural doorsteps. Keeping this mission in mind, the institute as far as permissible within its constraints, has been, aside from its normal classroom trainings, undertaking off-campus programmes in the districts and villages.

It is the constant endeavour of the institute to set goals for itself and maturing into a training institute at par with the rest of the country. It is to this end that the SIRD continues to enhance the skills and upgrading the knowledge base of its experienced faculty and upgrade the infrastructure of the institute.