Research Projects undertaken since inception.

1. Role of Naga Women in Rural Development Process.

2. A socio-economic development perspective study on school drop-outs in rural areas of Nagaland.

3. Rain water harvesting in Nagaland.

4. Comparative study on Panchayati Raj and VDBs/VCs (Nagaland &West Bengal)

5. Survey on meat consumption in Kohima Town.

6. An agricultural development perspective : a case study in Rüsoma Village.

7. Self sustainable Integrated farming.

8. Impact of Topography on the activities of rural life in Nagaland.

9. A study on the functioning of rural women ,Self Help groups and Micro-Finances in Kohima R.D Blocks,Kohima District, Nagaland.

10. Empowerment of Women through SHG special Reference to Kohima District.

11. Women participation in village council and VDBs in Nagaland.

12. Farmer’s participatory economic perspective study of poutry in relation to self sustainable integrated farming.

13. Evaluation on SHGs in Nagaland.

14. A study on rural youths of Nagaland state:A socio-economic perspective.

15. Socio-economic and infrastructural profile of Mon District, Nagaland.

16. Reviving and transforming through Community participation towards sustainable economic development and equitable growth.

17. A case study of cattle rearing in Kohima Village,Kohima R.D Block,Nagaland.

18. Action research on people’s participation for sustainable development in rural areas .

19. Evaluation of Women SHG in the District of Kohima and Peren.

20. Implication of Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF) in Kiphire District of Nagaland .

21. Women and Rural Development :A study of women VDBs in Nagaland.

22. Imapact of Watershed Management Programme:A case study of Watershed Management Programme at Menguzuma Village under kohima District.

23. The impact of Rural Livelihood on MGNREGSA Programme in the district of Kohima,Dimapur and Phek.

24. Evaluation of Rural Leaders and Leadership in Nagaland.

25. Telecentres in Rural Areas (The Nagaland Experience)

26. Impact of Communitisation on rural women.